About Katelyn Shorter

Who is the Owner of Fish and Fins Swimming School?

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Katelyn Shorter is a Certified Lifeguard and swim instructor. Katelyn has been certified as a lifeguard since she was 15 years old and is additionally certified in First Aid as well as CPR. She has taught swimming lessons for over 15 years. Katelyn has taught swim lessons for Richard Sybesma, Coach of the TCU Swim Team, Ridglea Swimming Pool Association and private lessons at her own home pool. She was the Aquatic Director for Ridglea Swimming Pool Association for 3 years developing their swimming program and water aerobics curriculum.

Katelyn went to high school at Southwest Christian School and  attended Oklahoma State University, coming home in the summers to teach swimming in pools across Fort Worth.

She has a Bachelors of Science Degree with an emphasis in Therapeutic Recreation from OSU. She is certified by the National Council of Therapeutic Recreation Certification and is a licensed Recreational Therapist since May of 2013. She also has her masters degree in Infant Child Studies specializing in child development from the University of Central Oklahoma. Katelyn is also a certified aquatic therapist and is able to provide therapy for many different conditions and can help with any type of treatment plan.

She is also licensed to work with special needs children including Down syndrome, Autism, cerebral palsy and a number of other disabilities. Katelyn has coached amputees for triathlons and focused on improving their confidence in the water.

Knowing that every child deserves to be able to learn how to swim, Katelyn’s method of teaching is designed with endless patience and love. She encourages parents and siblings to practice with their swimmer in order to enhance their strengths and to help them improve quicker.

A note from Katelyn:

I cannot wait to teach your child to swim! From criers to lovers of water, I take any child and teach them to the best of my ability how to swim or be comfortable in the water. I try to incorporate fun songs, silly faces and funny voices to make them more at ease. I can’t wait for this upcoming swim season! See you in the water!

Katelyn Shorter, CTRS/L, ICS, ATRI-C

Katelyn has had a love for water since she was born, and she still loves to be around the water.


tatum swimming

Her first “student”,  was at the age of 10 years old and she has been teaching ever since.

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