How many lessons are included in a private session?

One session is 4 lessons for $125.  Each lesson is 30 minutes long. You can schedule as many sessions throughout the summer as you would like.

Do we have to do the 4 lessons have to be 4 days in a row?

No. You schedule the lessons to fit your schedule. If you cannot make it 4 days in a row that is totally fine! You can come when your schedule fits- if that is 2 lessons a week, one lesson a week, one lesson one week then three lessons the next, etc. That also includes the times as well. You do not have to make them all at the same time- you can do evenings for a couple lessons then mornings for the rest or whatever time works for that day. Although, better improvement is shown when the lessons are within the same week.

What are the best times for you to teach?

Fish and Fins Swimming School is only open weekends and evenings to accommodate your schedule.  Please keep in mind that Fish and Fins only has one teacher and there can only be so many lessons in a day. Katelyn does her best to schedule accordingly for the whole summer. She also keeps times in mind for rain delays or weather related rescheduling so those make up times are built into the summer schedule.

With timing in mind, think about the best time your child is alert. Please do not a schedule lesson at their nap time or before their nap time. Also, do not wake them up for lessons if you know they will be asleep at that time (I promise you it is best for everyone involved!) If you know they are at their peak in the mornings then schedule morning lessons.

An hour long group “Mommy and Me Lesson” seems like a long time…. Do we really go that long?

Yes and no. An hour is a long time to keep the attention of any child but we are not in the pool for that whole hour. Think of the sequence of events: you have 3-5 infants/ toddlers that are coming for swim lessons, you have to get them out of the carriers, swim diapers on, into the water, learn/ play time, getting out of the water, changing them into dry diapers and dry clothes, getting yourself dry and stuff picked up… its a long process. We are in the water about 30 – 40 minutes. You are not getting structured learning that whole time. We go through our lesson (only about 25 minutes) and then we practice! Infants and children are learning through everything they do and see so the more they are in the water with you, the better! They are developing skills being with other children and interacting with them and that is important at that stage. We really do stay for an hour but we are not in the water for a full 60 minutes.
 If you have more people wanting to come then you can separate the groups and come back to back.

How many times should I come for Private Mommy and me Lessons?

You pay for each individual lesson for our Mommy and Me class. You can schedule as many times as you would like. You can come once in the summer, once a month, have a set weekly lesson or whatever you would like to do. Some like to come once a week to get ready for a summer trip or just to learn new skills. This is great bonding time with your infant/ toddler where you can also learn a lot about how to teach your own child how to swim outside of lessons.
 Private Mommy and Me lessons are $20 each lesson.

Can you come to my house to teach my child?

For the 2023 Season, I will not be able to come to your home to do private lessons. I apologize for the inconvenience.

My child is crying the whole lesson- Can we just leave and try again next year? I don’t want them to associate swimming lessons as being scary or bad.

If your child cries throughout the lesson they are still learning something about swimming. (i.e. the way water feels, what can happen when you go under water, etc)  Several will suffer from separation anxiety or fear, and that is totally normal. I will keep them in the water for the full 30-minute lesson and I’m capable of turning this into a positive experience. Toys, soothing tones, hugs and comfort as well as other things will be used to help distract and encourage swimming.

Can you teach both my children in the 30 minute time slot?

Please contact Katelyn directly to discuss this question.

What is a Recreational Therapist and what does that have to do with teaching special needs swimming lessons?  Recreational Therapy is “a treatment service designed to restore, remediate and rehabilitate a person’s level of functioning and independence in life activities, to promote health and wellness as well as reduce or eliminate the activity limitations and restrictions to participation in life situations caused by an illness or disabling condition.” (www.atra-online.com)

I am nationally certified and licensed to work in this field. I work with children and adults who have any kind of special needs- that includes on land and in the water. Recreation is an important part of development in children and sometimes certain children or adults need a little extra help. If you have any more questions about recreational therapy please ask Katelyn.

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