Class Descriptions and Prices

Private Swim Lessons ($125 for -4- 30 minute lessons– $31.25 for each lesson)

Private swim lessons are one-on-one lessons designed to work on any swimming needs. If your child is afraid of the water, anxious about swimming or excited to learn to swim independently then private lessons are for you. Fish and Fins Swimming School works on what your child’s needs are to improve their safety and independence in the water. Private lessons are the best choice for ages three to adult. Private swim lessons can also be for perfecting strokes, getting prepared for the swim team season, improving endurance, and getting that extra confidence in the pool. If you are interested in swim team help please let Katelyn know. (each lesson in a 4 lesson group is $31.25)


I do not offer a discount at this time for siblings. Each child will get their own lesson due to the individualized attention I provide to each child. Contact me directly if you have any questions about scheduling lessons for siblings. There will be no group lessons for siblings.

Special Needs Private Swim Lessons ($125  for -4- 30 minute lessons– $31.25 for each lesson)

Anybody with special needs no matter what age should learn how to swim and feel comfortable in the water. Katelyn has experience with special needs individuals and is willing to teach your child. If there is any kind of important information about your child’s condition please let Katelyn know before lessons begin. The goal of teaching special needs children is to get them across the pool with minimal or no assistance. Their stroke may not be perfect but survival and understanding how to get to the side of the pool or float is what we will work towards. (each lesson in a 4 lesson group is $31.25)

Private Mommy, Daddy, and Me Classes ($35 Each meeting/ Per Child):

Mommy and Me classes are intended to give  a starting point and  knowledge of water to both parents and child. Participating in mommy and me classes is not a survival class but an introduction to water and a fun activity for parents to do with their child. We go through progressions to get everyone comfortable in the water as well as begin swimming on their own. This can be in a family setting or individually. Each class is 30 minutes. If you would like to schedule a set lesson each week please visit with Katelyn ahead of time to workout the details. (each lesson will be $35.00)

Group Mommy, Daddy and Me Classes ($25 Each meeting/ Per Child):

Group Classes can be groups of friends, church groups, play dates, etc. Whoever you want to be included in an informative class about water safety teaching your child to swim. Please dress accordingly in proper swimwear and bring towels and sunscreen for every participant. Group classes will be an hour long. The focus of each lesson is learning to swim but playtime in the water is included in the hour so the child can practice feeling the movement and be able to practice what they learn. Please feel free to bring a camera or underwater camera to capture these moments and feel free to share them. Minimum of 3 and Maximum of 5 children please. Please have ONE sponsor schedule the group lesson. (each lesson will be $25.00 per child) You are able to enroll in one lesson or several depending on what your end goals are. If you have any concerns please call Katelyn (817-980-2438) to talk more in depth about your concerns.

Click on the Schedule tab to take you to our online schedule.

Age Break Down

Ages 5 Months- 1 year:

We work on blowing bubbles, kicking, floating, monkey walk along the side, reaching, and going under water as well as water safety.

Ages 1 year- 3 years:

We work on blowing bubbles, kicking, floating, monkey walk along the side, going under water, reaching, swimming under water and water safety.

Ages 4 to Adult:

Working on water safety and swimming skills; we progress to advanced lessons as each lesson go.

 Please note that each child is different and Katelyn will customize each lesson to your swimmers specific needs and not rush them to swim independently until they are ready. 

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