“Miss Katelyn is AMAZING! My husband and I highly recommend her. Our 2 & a half year old wouldn’t touch the water last summer but after 6-8 lessons with Katelyn, he was jumping in, swimming back to the sides and pulling himself out of the water and getting rings from the bottom of the pool & has LOVED swimming ever since. She has a way with kids that completely comforts them and makes it fun! You won’t regret going to Katelyn!”

-Meagan C., Fort Worth, TX

“Katelyn is amazing with all types of children. She works well with those who do not want to venture far off the steps, such as my son who wouldn’t put his head in the water. Her kindness and patience won him over. Just as equally, she is able to push those who are naturally a fish when it comes to water. Katelyn has just the right amount of pressure with that loving hand to provide. I recommend her to anyone and everyone to help their children learn to swim.”

– Stephanie B., Burleson, TX

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